About us

“Auštaitijos Breweries”

Lithuanian brewing traditions are under threat. Armies of enemies – mighty and wicked – are ringing their weapons. And so the motherland drowns. It is flooded with beer that is not ours. But here they are – some cheerful news! A happy rumor is travelling across our lands – up in the north a defensive alliance is being formed. “Auštaitijos Breweries” – the guardian of Lithuanian brewing traditions – is entering the battle for the soul of the beer.

Today they defend the cherished traditions not only against foreign intruders. Local schemers are also a threat to be reckoned with. For “live” beer traditions are nothing but a marketing joke for these “traditionalists”. Hence no other option was left for the honorable highlanders. Four Lithuanian breweries, owned by local capital, took seats around the table, drew up a defense treaty and signed the “5 No’s” beer manifesto.

The “Aukštaitijos
Breweries Craft Beer”

Not pasteurized

Not filtered

No artificial substances used

No preservatives used

Not artificially carbonated

The brave highlanders stamped the treaty with an ancient seal. On that seal one notices two grass snakes, resting at the table, saluting each other with raised beer mugs. The symbol was found on an ancient door during reconstructions of the Butautai Manor. There can be no other interpretation. This is the past speaking, obliging us to preserve and nourish the brewing traditions of Lithuanian Highland. And to introduce them to our friends in Europe and the faraway overseas.