Pale beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery”

The only beer in Lithuania that has preserved the manor brewing traditions to this day. The beer is brewed following a unique recipe created in 1858 by the Counts Tiškevičiai. The highest quality Lithuanian malt and aromatic hop seed cones are used to produce the beer. During the secondary fermentation in embossed own-brand bottles the distinctive character of the beer forms.In 2010 the Pale beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery” won the “Product of the Year” gold medal.

Alk. 5,1%

Dark beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery”

This beer won exceptionally high popularity since the beginning of its brewing, when it was carried in wooden barrels to the most luxurious Lithuanian beer restaurant “Stikliai”. The Dark beer of “Butautu Manor Brewery” is distinguished by its thick froth and rich taste infused by the Lithuanian caramel malt and bitter hops. The exceptional flavor properties develop during 60-day beer maturation in the cellars of Butautu Manor.

Alk. 5,3%

“Kupiškėnų keptinis” beer

The name of the beer “Keptinis” (Eng.) indicates that the roasted malt is used for its production. The malt is prepared in the brewery. The roasted malt gives a dark ruby color and homemade bread flavor.

Alk. 5,7%

One of the World leading Independent Tasters’ Association that publishes the global beer ratings on the web site has recognized Kupiškis’ “Keptinis” ale as the best Lithuanian beer.

“Kupiškėnų šventinis” beer

Traditionally, beer was produced for the - largest celebrations: weddings, christenings, Easter, Christmas as well as funerals and celebrations of harvesting season end. It is this particular beer that is brewed only for celebration of exceptional events and occasions. The beer is produced in small runs, and a special thoroughness and diligence is given to its production. For beer like that an exclusive packaging that conveys the beer’s festive aura has been selected.

Alk. 5,2%

“Magaryčių” beer

Magaryčios in common parlance means feast after any kind of affair (sale, purchase, deal or similar). The yeast, which is rich of proteins and B vitamins, is not separated during the production process.

Alk. 5,8%

Pale beer of “Miežiškių” brewery

This beer is produced by classical technology. Natural raw materials, open fermentation and a long careful maturation process gives this beer a rich taste, at the top of which a delicate bitterness of aromatic hop is felt.

Alk. 5,1%

Dark beer of “Miežiškių” brewery

The beer boasts of a rich smell and is a bit bitter than ale. One can feel aromas of caramel and burnt malt. The caramel malt gives the beer deep ruby color.

Alk. 5,3%

“Taruškų” Brewery

Pale beer “Kanapinis”

During the brewing of experimental beer at the brewery “Taruškų alaus bravoras” a type of beer with hemp was made. This beer has received great popularity among students, and then among wider audience as well. For brewing beer of “Kanapinis” type roasted hemp seeds are used, which gives the beer a smell of roasted nuts and a burnt, sweet taste.

Alk. 5,1%

Dark beer “Kanapinis”

As pale “Kanapinis” received great popularity, the dark version of this beer was brewed as well. For brewing of the beer, hemp seeds and roasted malt is used which gives rich dark colour and, upon tasting, caramel savour with distinct hop bitterness unfolds.

Alk. 5,3%

“Rye” beer

During the beer boiling the rye malt which gives the characteristic fresh taste is used and the top-fermenting yeasts allow to disclose a soft vanilla and clove aroma.

Alk. 5,2%

“Hemp” beer

This is an excellent, well-balanced gold-coloured beer with and significant nuts aroma. Toasted hemp seeds help to disclose the full malt savour.

Alk. 5,0%

Lager beer of “I.O. Boiko”

This is the beer with the brand of culinary heritage. Its boiling was launched in Aukštaitija region (Lithuania) in the past century following the German I.O. Boiko recipe. The beer is enriched with the rye malt and is distinguished from other types of beer by completely individual and unique taste.

Alk. 5,0%


Thick and sweet. Beer of lager type featuring malt character. Strong and expressive taste of this semi-dark beer is imparted by special production technology, caramel malt and hops.

Alk. 5,9%


Light beer of “Ale” type with exclusive yeast, imparting the distinctive yeast taste and aroma characterising this particular type of beer. This is an attempt to revive the aged Lithuanian brewing traditions and, therefore, top-fermenting yeast, light rye malt and traditional hops were used.

Alk. 5,0%


The beer is brewed in accordance with the “Baltic Porter” traditions, for production of which as many as 4 different malts are used. The different malts give the beer a complex flavour that manifests by mild overtones of coffee and tobacco flavour. The maturation of this beer takes up to 90 days. The long maturation time allows the revelation of special character and taste of this beer.

Alk. 6,0%